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NFPSNA Show Programs & Results

Recognizing the Accomplishments of New Forest Ponies​ and their Riders

The New Forest Pony Society of North America is so proud to acknowledge the hard work of our New Forest Ponies, their owners and riders.  We celebrate each achievement in whichever discipline or disciplines they participate in, and offer recognition and rewards on both a yearly and lifelong basis as well as sponsorship of breed awards in a select few venues.

Our NFPSNA-registered purebred and partbred New Forest Ponies collect points in the NFPSNA Show Program, with points dating back to 2003.  The Show Program is extensive and awards points for both main disciplines as well as less-common activities and is all laid out in the Rulebook.


Our new flagship NFPSNA Ambassador Performance Show Program began in 2022 and gives us a platform to celebrate and reward the imported New Forest Pony's successes even if they are unable to be transferred into the NFPSNA Registry due to certain issues that may arise due to import.


For more information about either Show Program, please review the Rulebook and check out the links below to their respective pages.

cover page.NFPSNA Rule Book - 8.2022.jpg

To download, please click on the image.

***Note: The rule book was updated July 2022 to add the new Ambasssador Performance Pony Division and then updated August 2022 to clarify the Additional Rider add-on. 


For questions:

To Submit Show Points Online

 to be taken to the Show Report on the Forms Page


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