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About the NFPSNA

New Forest Ponies registered with the NFPSNA must meet standards as per the New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society (NFPB & CS) of England

The New Forest Pony Society of North America was founded in August, 2003, by a group of passionate New Forest Pony enthusiasts who saw the value of this rare breed and decided to work together to promote and preserve the New Forest Pony breed in North America. 

To that end, the NFPSNA sought daughter studbook status with the New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society (NFPB & CS) of England, now usually referred to as the New Forest Pony Society in the UK. 

As such, there are rules and regulations that must be adhered to by the Society in order to correctly preserve the purity of the breed and ensure fairness to members.  

The Society is continually striving to do the best job possible in preserving and promoting the New Forest Pony breed, as well as maintaining professional standards and transparency. 

In order to keep members up-to-date

on the latest rules and regulations of the Society, an electronic version of the Rule Book is maintained and redistributed to members on updates, as well as posted to the website in the Governance section, along with the NFPSNA Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Non-Discrimination Policy, etc.  

Be sure to check back often to ensure you are working with the latest version.  ​

To download, please click on the image.

cover page.NFPSNA Rule Book - 8.2022.jpg

New Forest Pony Society

of North America
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