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NFPSNA Governance

The New Forest Pony Society of North America is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) that is dedicated to promoting and preserving the New Forest Pony breed in ways that are consistent with the rules and regulations of the New Forest Pony Society in the UK.  The NFPSNA strives and by remaining steadfast in safeguarding the values and rules of the NFPSNA and integrity in all Society matters.

Governing Documents

The Bylaws of the NFPSNA set forth the operational details for Society procedures.

The NFPSNA Rule Book contains the most up-to-date rules and procedures for breed standards, registrations, transfers/changes of ownership, membership information, and show program information. 

Code of Ethics

Coming Soon!

The NFPSNA outlines the principles and standards of the Society's Code of Ethics

Non-Discrimination Policy

Coming Soon!

The NFPSNA has adopted a Non-Discrimination Policy for its dealings with all members of registered New Forest Ponies and the public.

Commitment to Excellence

The New Forest Pony Society of North America strives for transparency and integrity at the forefront of all interactions with members and non-members alike.


New Forest Pony Society

of North America
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