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The New Forest Pony Society of North America offers a complimentary classified & directory listing to members. Learn more about our Breeders of Purebred, Part-bred, and Foundation Stallions.


NFPSNA Licensed Stallions and Breeders


"Horse Dream Farm" is home of the NFP Stallions Manoravon Master Majestic (aka Mikey) and Imported stallion Halestorm Branston Pickle (aka Pickle) as well as home to a lovely band of purebred and Thoroughbred mares.​

Dallas Grubenmann


Box 717 Breton, AB Canada

T0C 0P0



Trevelyan Farm is home to two pony stallions, Wicked Courtjester and Jacodi's Anja's Amoz a/k/a Forrest Flame as well as both purebred and partbred New Forest Pony mares and youngstock.

Jeremy and Lesley Feakins


1200 West Penn Grant Road

Lancaster PA 17602, USA

(717) 871-0100

wicked-courtjester photo.jpg
Wicked Courtjester
  • Frozen Semen Only

Born June 13th, 1989

Color: Bay

Height: 14. 1/2 hh

Breed: Dutch New Forest Pony Stallion

Sire:   Oleander He. Stb. 144 Keur

Dam:  Wicked Vinnie Baby Stb. 4309 kroon

Breeder: M. C. Krol V. Soest Te Noorwolde, H.J. Ten Damme NETHERLANDS

Registration:  NFS 008/25/NA

Forrest Flame photo.jpg
Jacodi's Anja's Amoz a/k/a Forrest Flame
  • No semen available  (deceased)

Born: April 23rd, 1999

Color: Chestnut

Height: 14.2 hh

Breed: Dutch New Forest Pony Stallion

Sire:  Carlo He. Stb.204

Dam: Anja Stb. 5124

Breeder:  Fam. Jochems NETHERLANDS

Registration:  NFG 008/47/NA

Halestorm Branston Pickle
  • Live Cover or semen

DOB: May 24, 2010

Sire:Buckland Dragonslayer

Dam: Wellhouse Betsy

Breeder: Jan and Rebecca Puzio

Reg: NFS 52/257 (England)

Permanent License

Manoravon Master Majestic
  • Live cover only

DOB: 2001

SIRE: Woodrow Fieldmaster

DAM: Forest Hill Jesse Belle

BREEDER: Lynda & David Davies (Canada

Height: 139.7 cms (13.3hh)

Bone: 21.5 cms (8.5 in)

REG: NFS 008/37/NA

Permanent License

Hawkwing Farms

1. Cheval De Bois Mousse aka Jacobs Hawk
Cheval de bois Mousse
  • Frozen semen only

Screenshot (1).png

Manoravon Farm was established in 1990 after falling in love with the gelding Man of Mars of Forest Hill. We decided that there needed to be more of this breed for others to enjoy. Since that time we have enlarged our herd considerably.


Our broodmares carry the well-known bloodlines of the Forest Hill ponies bred by the Holbrook's of Canada and Jacob's ponies bred by the late Mrs. Mary Wilson of the US.


Our stallions include British imported champion Woodrow Fieldmaster bred by June Whitham and Canadian born Forest Hill Starborne bred by Dr. &  Mrs. J.G. Holbrook. They both carry some well-established performance lines and we hope they will continue on as their ancestors before them did.


Our ponies have competed successfully in a variety of disciplines including Pony Club, PPG, eventing, hunter/jumper, both pleasure and combined driving, dressage and just going down the road pleasure ponies. Presently we have a small lesson program in the hopes of introducing others to these fabulous versatile ponies.


We have been extremely happy with our choice to breed New Forest Ponies.

David & Lynda Davies

7909 Speedvale Ave. E., Guelph, Ontario, N1H 6J1

Phone 519-824-2279

Fieldmaster conformation.jpg
Woodrow Fieldmaster
  • Live Cover Only


Born: 1994

Color: Bay

Height: 14 hh

Breed: English New Forest Pony Stallion

Sire: Peveril Peter Piper NFS 21/093

Dam: Woodrow Honeys Dynasty NFM 31/423

Breeder: Mrs. J. R. Whitham ENGLAND

Registration: NFS 009/53/NA

Permanent License

Starborne.cropped photo.jpg
Forest Hill Starborne
  • Live Cover Only


Born: 1992

Color: Black

Height: 13.2 hh

Sire: Vernon's Starling NFS 1402 Imp

Dam: Glovellen Jesse NFM 23/139

Breeder: Dr. & Mrs. J.G. Holbrook, Dundas, Ontario CANADA

Registration: NFS 015/137/NA

Permanent License


While these are not licensed stallions, their offspring are eligible for registration under our Partbred NFP registration requirements.

Woodberry Warmbloods & Sport Ponies


Woodberry Ponies is the home of the registered part-bred stallion Woodberry’s Hot Topic and breeds for the hunter/jumper rings.


Bobbie Jo Sawyers

Pinnacle, NC 27043, USA

Phone: (336) 399-7214


Insert link for website:



1. Woodberrys Hot Topic.jpg
Wooderry's Hot Topic
  • Fresh cooled semen or live cover


DOB: 2013

Height: 14H

Sire: Luckington Legacy

Dam: Little Miss Attitude (paint)

Breeder: Bobbie Jo Sawyers

Registration #: NFPBS 014/34/NA

Seafire Sporthorses


Seafire Sporthorses is a small warmblood and sportpony breeding operation located in NE Florida in St. Johns County, ten minutes from St. Augustine, 45 minutes from Jacksonville and about 1 hour from Ocala. They produce foals that are natural, elegant, athletes with willing attitudes and loving personalities.

Stacia Purcell

(904) 662-2887


1. Oh Kaptain Underpants SPS.jpg


DOB: 2010

Height: 13.3½ hh

Color: Bay

Sire: FS Daily Hero (GRP)

Dam: Manoravon Master Elegance NFM 084

Breeder: Stacia Purcell, USA

Registration #: NFPBS 010/17/NA

Logo for Woodberry Ponies.png
Seafire Sporthorses.jpg
Reference Stallions


Brando, Fox Hollow Holly’s Legacy, Jacodi’s Anja’s Amoz, Luckington Legacy, Wasabi, Forest Hill Martian, Fox Hollow Danny Boy, Jacob’s Cracker, Wishingwell Even Steven, Cheval de Bois Albi, Spa Creek Sundancer.

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NFPSNA Studbooks

North America offers breeders of New Forest Ponies a nice selection of stallions to breed to.  For all the stallions the NFPSNA registers foals by, be sure to reference the NFPSNA Studbooks.​




The NFPSNA Studbook is the official publication recording all ponies registered, licensed and/or transferred by the New Forest Pony Society of North America for the year. 


Components include:

  • Breed Standards

  • NFPSNA Licensed Stallions

  • Non-NFPSNA Licensed Stallions from which offspring may be registered

  • New Purebred, Part-Bred and Section X Registrations

  • Transfers of Registry

  • Transfers of Ownership


Complete Listing of All Ponies Registered with the NFPSNAThe Studbook is printed and delivered as a hard copy at the end of January for all members from the prior year. 


For those interested in collecting all the volumes and preserving the history of New Forest Ponies registered in North America, past copies are available for purchase.​


New Forest Pony Society

of North America
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