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North American Registry

& Daughter Studbook

of the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society of England

Mission & Philosophy Statement

The mission of the NFPSNA is to promote the popularity of the New Forest Pony breed throughout North America by educating the public about the unique attributes of the New Forest Pony and ensuring the purity of the breed in North America by requiring DNA testing for all registered ponies.

This non-profit organization serves as the official recognized Registry and Daughter Studbook in North America as authorized by the Mother Studbook, the New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society, located in England.  

The Society promotes the New Forest Pony by involving people in the breed through membership in the organization, via its website, a quarterly newsletter, extensive show awards program and through the sponsorship of events.  


Our goal is to build a coalition of New Forest Pony owners, enthusiasts, breeders, buyers and sellers…and have fun!









North American History

The Forest Hill Farm in Canada and Jacob's Farm in the US, although serious competitors, were also known to trade bloodlines back and forth across the border. The strength and integrity of the breed have been - and will remain - the mainstay of North American breeders.



The first New Forest Pony to arrive in Canada was a stallion named Mudeford Streak (by Brookside David out of Mudeford Grey Girl).  He was brought over by Ralph Mist who came to Canada in search of work with the Steel Company of Canada in 1958.  Unfortunately, his employment didn't last long and he was unable to take the pony back home with him.  And so Mudeford Streak became the founding stallion for the Holbrook family and the start of Forest Hill Farms.  Many ponies came from that farm, including the blue roan stallion Forest Hill Martian, who recently passed away at the tender age of 30 1/2 years old!!


United States

The first New Forest Pony imported to the USA was the stallion Deeracres Sir Anthony (by Goodenough out of Deeracres Pierrette).  He was imported in 1957 as a yearling colt by Miss Patricia Woods of Rockridge, Ohio.  He sired 8 purebred foals, of which two were kept as stallions.  The stallions, Junco (1964) and Daffoglad Cupid (1967), each sired only one purebred filly.  Miss Woods of Daffoglad Pony Farms also imported the mare Mudeford Dianna II, bred to Brookside David.  The resulting foal was a stud colt named Daffoglad Peter Piper.  He was sold as a 2-year-old to Mary Wilson of Jacob's Farm in Seekonk, MA.


Standards & Sections


The New Forest Pony Society of North America registers ponies for the United States and Canada into one of three sections of the Studbook:
Section X


Our Board Members


We are committed to promoting the New Forest Pony breed throughout North America,  providing a high level of responsive service to our members, actively recruiting new members, and growing the popularity of the breed.


Breeders & Stallions


The New Forest Pony Society of North America offers the only registry of New Forest Ponies in North America authorized by the New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society of England.

New Forest Pony Society

of North America
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